1944 Bedford QLT

Under restoration at the moment is the groups 1944 dated Bedford QLT. The picture below is from her time before coming to the group.

When the vehicle was originally bought, the engine was seized. On further investigation it was found that she had a major problem when a crack was found in the cylinder head.

The engine was stripped, cleaned, the cylinder head repaired and all put back together by dedicated members of the group. 

As you can see from the Youtube clip below she is now running. This was an early engine run and was sounding slightly rough, shes now much better and waiting on timing and then she'll be perfect!

1941 BSA M20

Wait one! - Information and more pictures to follow!

BSA M20 C4353471, believed built in May 1941 her service is sketchy and reported that at some point post war she served in Northern Ireland with the Military Police.