We twice yearly attend commemorations in and around the villages of Bellancourt and Pont-Remy France.

In May 1940 three Battalions of The Queens (2/5th, 2/6th and 2/7th Battalions) which had been on pioneer duties in the area, came up against Heinz Guderians panzers on its push towards Abbeville and the Channel coast. After Brief skirmishing the Battalions withdrew in good order but, they unfortunately left some dead which were buried in and around the area.

In 2009 the group was contacted by a local tour guide, Mr Michael Smith. He had been asked by the Mayor of Bellancourt at the time, Mr Paul Gombart, to contact the regiment in the UK on behalf of the town. Although the town had looked after the four graves of the soldiers killed on the 20th May, family had never come to visit the graves. They asked if we could help to find any family members and if possible would the regiment in some way be able to attend the remembrance service in November.
After speaking to the regimental museum it was agreed that members of the group would attend. A number of us attended a ceremony for November the 11th commemorations in Bellancourt, which we laid a wreath, paraded. All was well received and we where asked if we could attend again for the May 8th commemorations on the following year. We accepted with great honour and so started a friendship and bi annual pilgrimage to France.

Bellancourt Cemetery, France Graves of 2 Unknown and 2 2/5th Battalion Queen's soldiers 20th May 1940